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2017-2018 Cheerleading Competition Season - Please Read


**** 2017-2018 WHYFL Winter Competition Season ****
  • Any cheerleader who has cheered for the fall 2017 football season, or any NEW cheerleader to the WHYFL program. 
  • Cheerleaders who have cheered in previous years that did not cheer for the 2017 football season are not eligible to compete.

  • All cheerleaders must adhere to the WHYFL Competition Cheerleading Policies and Procedures (See Below)
  • Attendance at twice weekly practice and the three competitions throughout CT and MA is mandatory in order to participate.  
  • Competition season practice will begin in November and initially will be incorporated into the football practice schedule.  
  • Competition season runs through March, 2018.
  • Registration is $200 and includes a competition bow and personalized backpack (if you don't already have one).  
  • If you are brand new to the program, in addition to the $200 registration fee you will be required to purchase the following:  cheer sneakers ($45), white liner and brief ($30) and practice attire ($44) bringing your total financial commitment to $319.  
  • If you cheered the football season and did not purchase cheer sneakers through WHYFL, you will be required to do so at an additional cost of $45.  
  • Optional:  If you would like, you may purchase personalized warm-ups (jacket is embroidered with the cheerleader's first name) for an additional $55.  The squads usually wear them to competitions over their uniforms.  
**** WHYFL Competition Cheerleading Policies and Procedures ****
I. Attendance: Competition season varies from football season because attendance at practice and competitions is mandatory.  Excessive lateness and absences will resort to an automatic dismissal from the team. This is 100% non-negotiable.  This attendance policy is set in place to make sure that each participant is prepared and is safely executing the skills to perform at competitions.
  • Any participant who arrives more than 15 minutes late to practice without notifying their coach or the VP of Cheer will not be able to participate in practice.
  • If any participant reaches 4 tardies they will be removed from the competition routine.
  • If any participant accumulates 3 absences they will be removed from the competition routine.
II. Competitions: Competitions may require travel outside of the Hartford County (i.e. New Haven County and MA).  Any participant who participates in the WHYFL competition season is responsible for their own transportation.  Competition dates will be provided (See Above) at the beginning of the season and should be blocked out as “Must Attend.”  Any participant that is unable to attend any competition should not participate in the competition season. Please discuss carpooling and other transportation accommodations with other WHYFL cheer families.
Any questions please email the VP of Cheerleading, Kristen Stegmaier at