Serving the community since 1955. The objective of the West Hartford Youth Football League is to instill in the youth of the town the principles of good citizenship, sportsmanship, and teamwork through the knowledge of and association in the competitive s

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We will provide you with some emails to send to your tam and instructions on how best utilize the advanced team features of the website.


Best practices:

- Welcome Email

- Parent Meeting

- Practice / Game reminders


Welcome Email

We have found it to be a best practice for new / returning coaches to write a welcome email at the beginning of each season to welcome the players to their team and introduce themselves to the parents. Feel free to use the following, and edit as you see fit.


Good Morning and welcome to the [enter year] season of the West Hartford Youth Football League. My name is coach [enter name], and I am very excited about our upcoming season.  I wanted to take a moment and welcome you all to the [enter team name]. Coach [enter assistant coac names] are going to be coaching the team and we are very excited and dedicated to make sure we have a great learning experience where everyone plays every position and we have fun doing it. 
Let me start with the basics about the league:
- It is any official NFL Flag football league (very cool Patriots jerseys for each child)
- It is a co-ed league with __ teams, __ teams of ______ Graders
- We will be playing 5 on 5 flag football
- We will have one practice a week on ______ at _____ PM for one hour (First practice is __________)
- We will practice at the King Phillip Middle School Field __, which is located at 100 King Phillip, West Hartford, CT.
- We will have our games on Sundays at King Phillip Field
- We will make sure everyone plays every position
What we are committed to do:
- Have fun, number one priority
- Teach the fundamentals of football in a safe and secure environment
- Let everyone play every position and everyone get equal playing time
- We will remain very flexible as we understand everyone is busy and your child may be playing more than one sport
- Get more people excited about the league and grow the league in the Farmington Valley
What we need from you:
- Make sure you child has cleats or sneakers, a water bottle, a mouth piece and is ready to have fun
- Make sure you child is registered at
- Make sure you register at our website to get full access to schedules, scores, photos and much more!
- Let us know if there are any conflicts with the schedule
- Let us know if there are any medical issues or concerns you may have
- Let us know what you think we can do to make things better
- Let us know if you want to help out in anyway
Here is the first practice schedule:
- _:00     Coach, Player and 5 on 5 Flag introductions
- _:10     Stretch/Warm Up
- _:20     Positions, Huddle, Cadence - emphasis 7 second rule and drop ball rule
- _30     Position Practice - 2 groups - first snap, then QB, then Receive (repeat) - everyone goes through every position.
- _:45     Practice Flag grabbing (2 teams - 1 runs, 1 grabs flags then switch)
- _:55     Coaches Minute
Here is the team roster:
(insert names)
I know that was a lot to absorb in one message, please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions you have and look forward to hopefully seeing you all on _____.  My cell phone number is ________ if you need to reach me. If you know of anyone that may be interested in coaching or volunteering, we still need help as our league continues to grow.



Parent Meeting

We have found it to be a best practice for coaches to send both practice and game reminders throughout the season to keep parents informed. Feel free to use the following, and edit as you see fit.

Coaches should plan on emailing parents and setting aside approximately 15-20 minutes early in the season for a parent meeting. This meeting can be held before or during one of your practices. Coaches should plan to cover the following at a parent meeting:


Introductions (Introduce yourself and your assistant coaches)

Your Experience (Explain how long you have coached in the league)

Coaching Philosophy (Explain your expectations regarding practice attendance, timeliness, etc ...)

Equipment (Cover the required league-provided equipment, and the equipment that each player should have.)

Safety (Discuss the importance of safety in all practices and games.)

Contact Information (Provide your contact information)

Questions (provide time at the end of the meeting for parents to ask questions.




Practice / Game reminders:

We have found it to be a best practice for coaches to send both practice and game reminders throughout the season to keep parents informed. Feel free to use the following, and edit as you see fit.


Game reminder:

Subject:  WHYFL: [enter team name] Gameday (enter date) - [enter time of rrival] arrival - [enter field lcoation]


Good morning / evening [enter team name] families:

Kids had a great week of practice, and are well prepared for tomorrow's game.

Reminder: please arrive @ [enter field location] no later than [enter planned arrival time]. Players should wear game jersey, game pants, red belt, and RED socks.

Kickoff is @ 10 a.m.

Thanks again for all the support this season, and hope to see you all tomorrow morning.