Serving the community since 1955. The objective of the West Hartford Youth Football League is to instill in the youth of the town the principles of good citizenship, sportsmanship, and teamwork through the knowledge of and association in the competitive s

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We want everyone to be Safe and to Enjoy the Game!

The responsibility of being a good spectator goes well beyond being a good parent.  We can all get caught up in the moment and have a brief lapse of reason.  While we can handle these rare instances on a case by case basis, the ideal environment is the one that teaches the values of good sportsmanship.  Please be respectful of your surroundings and if you step out of line, catch yourself and regain your focus as to why you are attending your child’s game.

With the exception of an injury, please limit your interaction with your child during games.  Each player has specific things to do, especially when waiting to get into a game, and at this age level, players do lose focus when socializing with family and friends.

Please do not interact with the game officials at any time.  You will be asked to leave the field if this occurs.  The league appropriately has a zero tolerance policy for adults criticizing officials.

Keep tabs on your young children.  A hit out of bounds can come from anywhere, so please be aware of where you and your family are at all times.  If you like to be on the sidelines and in the middle of the action, volunteer to be part of the chain crew (we need three parents for one half of every game).  If your children are on bikes, please make sure they stay a safe distance from the sidelines.