Serving the community since 1955. The objective of the West Hartford Youth Football League is to instill in the youth of the town the principles of good citizenship, sportsmanship, and teamwork through the knowledge of and association in the competitive s

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West Hartford Youth Football League / Town / Nutmeg Champions

Year Mighty Mite Pee Wee Midget Pony



Jets Southington Panthers N/A Chargers
2015 Steelers Giants N/A Raiders
2014 Cowboys Patriots N/A Eagles
2013 Jets Patriots N/A Wildcats
2012 Cowboys Giants Wildcats Eagles
2011 Cowboys Titans Raiders Wildcats
2010 Giants Titans Chargers Wildcats
2009 Giants 49ers Wildcats Wildcats
2008 Giants 49ers Wildcats Raiders
2007 49ers 49ers Eagles Wildcats
2006 Giants Titans Wildcats Wildcats
2005 Vikings Titans Wildcats Wildcats
2004 Titans Patriots Wildcats Chargers
2003 *** *** Raiders Raiders


*** currently being researched.