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Welcome to the home of the

West Hartford Youth Football League


West Hartford Youth Football is open to boys and girls ages 5 through 14 to participate meaningfully and safely in competition. The League consists of both Flag and Tackle Football programs.

    Your support is needed to help the league revitalize our Sterling Field! The WHYFL is committed to providing all of our players and families the best experience possible. Check out the details below and click the image to get started!

    Proper Prep is the Best Prevention & Precaution

    As our Flag and Tackle programs are off to great starts, we'd like to remind our WHYFL community of some helpful tips to ensure our players are safely competing.

    • Hydration is key! And not just before practice starts.
      • USA Football Guidelines on Hydration.
      • Throughout the day: Incorporating water regularly throughout the day is extremely important, not just for football.
      • Before Practice: Hydrate with 16-24 ounces of water or sports drink.
      • During Practice: Routine hydration throughout practice.
    • Staying Active
      • Put aside the video games, tv, and cell phones! Players that routinely stay active have much better performance on the field whether that be for practice or game time.
    • Nutritious Meals
      • Players should eat healthy snacks and meals throughout the day.
      • Eating directly before practice can sometime cause an upset stomach. It is highly recommended that players keep to only light snacks 2 hours before practice starts.
      • Incorporating a healthy diet with foods that have a good ratio of protein, veggies, carbs, and health fats is a winning recipe.
    • Self Education
      • Routinely reference game plans, paying attention during practices, and asking great questions are all keys to helping our players to stay locked into the sport.
    • Here is a great video from the National Science Foundation on Health, Hydration, and Nutrition.