Serving the community since 1955. The objective of the West Hartford Youth Football League is to instill in the youth of the town the principles of good citizenship, sportsmanship, and teamwork through the knowledge of and association in the competitive s

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WHYFL Officials

West Hartford Youth football strives to ensure we use the best officials available in our area. The WHYFL uses offocials from the Central Connecticut Association of Football Officials. Each ouf our officials is required to complete the following training.

Initial Training

  • Each member must attend an 8-week training course and pass an exam to become a "new" member. Once the candidate completes the training and passes the exam, the member becomes a "probationary" member in their second year.
  • Once the member completes their probationary requirements, and satisfies other requirements, candidates are then promoted to full official status.

Annual Refresher Training

  • Each season, all officials take a written refresher exam in August. Further, officials participate in required review sessions for this exam.

Annual Clinics

  • Each official is also required to attend an annual State Officials' Clinic, which is attended by all officials in the state of CT. There are currently 5 officials' boards in the state and the CCAFO always leads in attendance.
  • Each official is alway required to attend an annual "Interpretation Meeting," at which our Interpreter presents new rules or changes, and points of emphasis.

Regular Season

  • Each member is required to work a minimum of two scrimmages before the regular season starts. Most work more than this requirement. 
  • At the start of the season, all new and probationary members participate in a class that meets in addition to the regular weekly meeting. These new members discuss games, review calls, and also review mechanics (e.g. positioning, communication, etc ... within the crew)
  • During the regular season, the CCAFO Board of officials meets 10 times to discuss, mechanics, plays that have occurred, issues, film clip review, and general discussion on how to best handle situations that arise.
  • In 2016, the CCAFO has 206 participating members. The CCAFO has a "Better Officiating" Committee, which presents an agenda for regular review. The CCAFO also has a Film Review Committee that goes through any calls sent in by coaches for review and comment. All members must participate in a majority of theses meetings to stay in good standing.
  • The CCAFO also has a mentoring program which pairs newer officials with veterans. In addition, the CCAFO has recently added an Observation program to review to each official. This season, the Observation program was added to freshman and JV games to help give an indication of how new officials are progressing.
  • The CCAFO also has a subscription to HUDL, which allows all members access to the games they worked for review. It also allows the officials to review plays without having to meet as a body, and to get the same information as a meeting.

Off Season Training

  • In the offseason, the CCAFO conduct 'movie nights' in the months of Feb and March for guys to start or continue thinking football. We then move into Spring Clinics, where we take our best Officials, and work a spring scrimmage and the tutor a group of officials, there to watch/learn/officiate.
  • Members of the CCAFO also participate in summer passing leagues to help the officials get experience on their judgement in the passing game.